There have been talks, webinars, podcasts, and articles about the current industrial revolution, where data gathered is been used to transform and drive our economy. The way we live, work and relate with the society is been affected by data. Now the question is what actually is DATA?

DATA, what it is?

Data is a set of information that is been acted on by a computer to produce new set of information, also In general, data is any set of characters that is gathered and translated for some purpose, usually analysis. If data is not put into context, it doesn't do anything to a human or computer.”

There are multiple types of data. For the sake of our article we will keep our list to the following:

  • ·        Boolean (True, False)
  • ·        Text
  • ·        Number
  • ·        Picture
  • ·        Video
  • ·        Sound

These data are been stored in a computer storage, and it is a series of segmented information been given to a computer in a value of one or zero. Data is been process by the CPU, which uses logical operations to produce new data.

Data is the collection of details which could be fact or fiction, and processed into readable information for users. With Smartphone and other devices, data is also used in describing any information transmitted over the internet. 

Examples of data we are familiar with are:

  • ·        Name
  • ·        Date of Birth
  • ·        Gender
  • ·        Location
  • ·        Interest

These pieces of information are mostly collected by organization through a form of registration or subscription.

Data Acquisition

Acquisition of data is done by the development of software where users are ask to fill in some field with necessary information to enable the software serve them better, and also the acceptance of “Cookies” on visited website.

Data Acquisition is “generally accepted to be distinct from earlier forms of recording to tape recorders or paper charts. Unlike those methods, the signals are converted from the analog domain to the digital domain and then recorded to a digital medium such as ROM, flash media, or hard disk drives.” Likewise, User data are collected and stored in cloud.

There are hardware system build for data collection and sampling of signal gotten from the data, and it will perform the tasks such as conversion of data, storage of data, transmission of data and processing of data.

Like we did mention about software and users accepting cookies on visited website, this is a different form of data collection and storage. It’s no news that attracting new customers is a primary business goal for business organization, but with a competitive market, and increasing digital involvement, there is no doubt to how challenging this could be for organizations.

“Overcoming that challenge offers a significant reward, though. Research shows that increasing retention rates by just 5% can increase profits anywhere from 25% to a whopping 95%.”

The method of closing this gap; getting news customers is done with Data. It plays a role in almost every approach to acquisition of market and can help obtain new customers. The benefit of data is about identifying patterns and trends in behavior, particularly those that indicate a substantial likelihood of a person converting to our business.

Data helps us understand those patterns and trends. Understanding our existing customers can help us understand potential customers, and appealing to our potential customers with the data they provide, such as previous purchases and search queries, can better our chances of conversion or acquisition. We can personalize our advertisements and market directly to the customer, providing a competitive edge.

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Data Protection and Privacy

Data breaches cause tremendous problems, not only for the company affected, but also for its customer. Depending on the company, stolen data can range from relatively information to extremely personal details. But in any case, a breach can cost a lot of money for remediation and cause significant damage to a company’s image.

The act of protecting assets from unauthorized users and defining who has authorize access to users data, is what can be define as Data Protection and Privacy. The difference between this two words are purely technology related, Data protection is a technology tool design and develop for the protection of users data, while Data privacy is more of a process or legal matter.

We think of user data as a piece of information that doesn’t have to be stolen or misused for an inappropriate purpose so as a result we develop a mechanism to enforce the process of securing user data from an unauthorized person.

Vikram Joshi said “The important distinction people should know about data privacy and data protection is who controls which part. Data privacy controls are mostly given to users. Users can usually control which data is shared with whom. Data protection is mostly a company’s responsibility. Companies basically need to make sure that the level of privacy their users have set is implemented and data is protected”

This brings us to where we ask, do you read privacy policy? If no start reading.

Why Read Data Privacy Policies

There is a stipulated law that demands that all organization should communicate to users why and what, before harvesting the data.

The following are reason why users should read privacy policy:

  • ·        Because it is stipulated by law.
  • ·        It give us complete understand of the data will share with third-party.
  • ·        It gives us control over our data.
  • ·        Let us know how safe and secure our data are with the organization.
  • ·        Build trust between users and organization.

These and many other reason are while we need to read and understand the protection and privacy policy of organizations

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