According to the most recent data by Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), over 9.2 million Nigerians are active internet users. This simply means that they surf the internet every day  to get answers to their different solution, meaning that the internet is the first place people go to when sourcing for a solution or idea.

Are you still wondering why your business should be online? According to recent research, only businesses that had a strong online presence will survive the pandemic, in fact the businesses that are still in existence irrespective of the challenges the global pandemic brought are those that invested in their online presence.

Taking your business online is not as hard as you imagine. The goal of this post is to help you identify simple ways to take your business online in order to reach more people and increase your sales/patronage. Let’s dive in.

Get A Website

Most people believe that websites are for the big brands or multinationals. When you ask most entrepreneurs why their business is not online, they will tell you that their business have not gotten to that level. 

Websites are not for big businesses, it’s for every business. The goal of every website is to help you gain online visibility and reach more people. With your website, people can easily  know you, get to know what you do or the solutions your business proffer and most importantly, purchases can be made without you being present online. 

If you are yet to own a website as a consultant, entrepreneur, social influencer, it’s proof that your competitors are taking a larger chunk of the market. What if you are considering the cost? Don’t worry, at Meghee Inc, we provide individuals and businesses with a website at their own budget. For more details of our services visit:

Invest In Quality Content

Ever heard the phrase content is king? , let me remind you again in case you have forgotten, if you must have a strong online presence or influence, you must invest in quality content. Whether you are publishing a written blog post, a graphic design, a video content or animation, it must be top notch.

The reason for quality content is because of the impact or influence it will have on your audience. Quality audience builds goodwill and rapport, when you constantly upload quality content; it amplifies your brands voice and visibility.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media is a vital tool for building your online presence. I hear most people say, I am not a social media person, I don’t think there is such people that are called social media people even though we have people there for the wrong reasons, but as an entrepreneur, you must find a way to use social media to your advantage.

Build your social media profile. We have a lot of people on social media for different reasons; you must consciously put your product in those people faces. It starts with the way you arrange your social media account. You can also have a page or communities of like minds, but whichever you choose, please take it seriously. People should come to your timeline and immediately know what you do.

Always share valuable content around your niche. Don’t assume that they know what you do, consciously educate them on then on the benefits of using your product.

Invest In Paid Adverts

It’s okay to stay with what you have, but if you want more, you must do more. Getting a website is good, investing in quality content is great, taking advantage of social media is awesome, but there is only much that can give to you, meaning that in you want to play in the big leagues with the big boys, you must invest in paid ads.

Every brand that you admire and celebrate today invests hugely in marketing. You may not be in their level, but you must budget for adverts because of the benefit that comes with it. As you plan for the year, months or week, you have to have a budget for your online marketing. It will take your business to the right audience in minutes.

Join The Right Online Communities

Don’t isolate yourself, Ensure that you connect with like minds. Seek out those who want what you want and are going to where you are going.  When you are with people that are doing what you are doing, your vision expands.  

You get to learn a lot from people and also network with others that might need your services. You can find those communities on social media. Seek out those communities who goal falls into your area of interest and join. You must ensure that you are around the right people in order to tap from their inspiration.

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