Having the opportunity to work in a firm without prior experience but willingness to learn is a huge one,. 

An opportunity that would change the individual's life but most firms aren't ready to take that risk. Using ones resource to evidently impact another's life is one of those sacrifices that shouldn't be taken for granted. 

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Nwaiwu Joy, sent me the link to a form which I filled almost immediately. Days later, I received a message at precisely 8:00pm stating I had an interview that day by 11:00am, while wondering how possible that could be, I recalled that I deleted a few unnecessary files from my phone to clear up some storage; 

this means that the message was probably sent a day before and I didn't see it as a result of a full storage. So I decided to call the number attached to the message the next day.

While still planning on what to say when I eventually put a call across, I received a call informing me about a missed interview, the voice on the other end of the line was so warm and concerned (as opposed the stories I heard about HR representatives). 

At the time I was feeling a bit under the weather, thus we had a virtual interview and I was privileged to be among the selected few. From the time of the interview up until when I resumed, they had shown a high level of concern especially towards my health as I had received series of calls from the HR representative in the person of Madam Mary to know if I had fully recovered and was ready to resume. 

Fast-forward to resumption day, I didn't know the whole company had been expecting me *laughs*, I really couldn't tell the staffs from the interns because the sync between everyone was awesome.  

Shortly, I was taken to my department where I met other members of my team (graphics design team). Interns were also present in the UI/UX design team, Mobile app development team, as well as the Front and Back End team.

Prior to this time I had no practical knowledge on graphics design, but that was not going to be a problem because we had an instructor assigned to every team. 

Our instructor, Mr. Blessed, started from the basic type of designs, alignment, color combination etc., to replication of logos, then to replicating flyers and in less than 2 weeks I was capable of creating a flyer using CorelDraw, isn't that awesome? Guess what...this is just for a start we have a journey ahead of us *winks*. 

Not to worry I'll keep you updated throughout the journey. Just before I stop for today, I really want to appreciate MEGHEE INC. for this opportunity, putting out your resources for our use is really priceless, I promise to maximize the opportunity.

See you next time...