As competition for jobs increases coupled with the increased rate of unemployment rocking our nation (NIGERIA) due to the emergence of Covid-19, students and individuals need to think of new ways of setting themselves apart from all the other skilled and equally qualified candidates. So, the question usually isn’t if there is a job(s) available, the question is, are you qualified for the available jobs? The answer to this question is what makes internship an attractive prospect.

Internship is an opportunity offered by an employee or a firm to graduates, individuals and students to learn while gaining practical experience on the job for a limited period of time. Internship should give you practical skills and workplace experience that can be utilized thereafter.
My experience as an intern has been valuable and helpful to me and has also given me the opportunity to look at graphics design from a whole new perspective. Beyond printing fliers and banners, Graphics design can be a strong agent of change and development.

On several occasions even before my first class, I felt so nervous, incompetent and insecure about not being able to measure up, knowing that I had little or no knowledge about graphics design. My nervousness increased when I came for the interview and heard about the word “Corel draw and publisher’ for the first time as one of the packages we were going to be using for the program. Corel Draw sounded strange honestly.

During my first week as an intern, many feelings arose, one being me doubting my creative abilities, feeling insecure about my learning process and all. But, having met most of the interns, I realized we all have our differences but the desire to learn is what connects us all.
Now, sitting in this office with people who were strangers only few weeks ago, there is this sense of belonging and cordiality all around. I like how everyone including the interns are treated like their opinions count and are listened to, how the staff guide and support the interns when needed and when necessary and how attentive and patient the instructor has been.

As a graphics design intern, over the past few weeks, I can say there has been improvement, as I have been gaining mastery of my graphic design tools.
 So far, I find the experience challenging, exciting and valuable in developing my skills. Thanks to MEGHEE_INCORPORATED for the opportunity.

Employers tend to value individuals with previous work place experience more than those who don’t have any. My advice to every individuals, graduates and students seeking employment is that, they should apply for internship programs in their field of interest whether paid or unpaid, as this will give them the head start and work experience they need in enhancing their C.Vs and most times in starting their entrepreneurial journey.