What exactly is Industry 4.0?

Let’s start this by pointing to a phrase by Klaus Schwab the founder and executive chairman, World Economy Forum; “we stand on the brick of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another”. The industry we work in has been affected by a revolution that has seen to the increase of online activities, now the question is how many of us are aware of this change? How many is prepared to remain in business during this revolution? And how do we plan on driving vision and mission in a new era such as this?

What exactly is Industry 4.0? The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 is “characterized by the fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the Physical, Digital, and Biology spheres.” We could agree that Fourth Industrial Revolutions is built on the Third Industrial Revolution that saw the economy been driven with electronic and information Technology to automate production and service. But there is a slight different between the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolution which can be seen in the Velocity, scope, and System impact on the Industries.

“In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced” those were the words of Klaus Schwab and he also admitted that he doesn’t know yet just how it will unfold.

The Unfolding of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is an economy that is been driven by advance level technologies, integrated into our society. It has provided opportunity for small businesses to leverage on information to scale. Big tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon are describe as “The Four” by Prof. Scott Galloway not just because they are turning into a Trillion dollar company but because they are the most influential companies on the planet.

Klaus Schwab never knew that by 2020 we will be experiencing COVID, if only he did then he would have know how the Fourth Industrial Revolutions is unfolding. When the pandemic breakout, our society was in coma, people have to stay at home, learn to live and work under a new norm; our social interaction got a change from more physical to Digital. Blurring these boundaries got big tech companies providing solutions with Machine learning, Artificial Intelligent, Cloud computing to enable us carry out our activities.  The process of combating COVID with biomedical engineering has seen a surge, likewise carbon technology for climate change.

Industrial Revolution is the future of 2016 we live in now, where our economy has the potential to grow exponentially with continues integration of technology.

How it affected us

A report by Njuguna Ndunj’u formal Governor Central Bank of Kenya and Landry Signe – A Senior fellow at Global Economy and Development, Africa Growth Initiative highlighted that “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is ushering solutions to challenges we encounter as Africans like; low-quality education, climate change vulnerability, and poor service delivery.

The pandemic unfolded these challenges to us; we experienced the creak in our educational system, hospitality, and business. We understood the important of technology as an enabler that would drive our economy and still keep us interacting with families and friends.

Now, that we could see our economy been disrupted by the pandemic, which is been believed as the unfolding factor for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, why you should care as an individual is simply because we have to keep existing and providing for our families and community at large despite the challenge.

The challenge we encountered as Africans became more obvious to us and has prompt in us the need to build solutions that will tackle the challenge we are facing and this have lead to a movement that we are now building for Africa by Africans. Giant tech companies are coming into Africa to collaborate with Tech firm in providing solutions to Africa.

Educational solution built by Meghee a SaaS company is Nigeria is providing remote learning to school across the country, and given student the access to more education material and games to keep up with learning.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the current day reality, where at the snap of our finger a light comes on it our houses, sire takes our order, shopping mall are now reducing in number because people are shopping online, delivery are done at door steps, social media is change the way are voices are been heard all over the world.

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