In Nigeria 27% of the country’s trade balance comes from small businesses, but more importantly they employ 60m Nigerians and contribute 48% of the GDP. Without small businesses, the unemployment rate would soar from 14% to as much as 50%, causing nothing short of chaos. Nigeria needs thriving and healthy small businesses. With the current situations, small business owners are looking out for the best means possible to leverage on the virtual space to attract potential customers and convert them into major sales.

Small Business owner are concerned about their business during this era, as of the time of writing this article, we are experiencing the second wave of the corona virus pandemic. Our thought towards small business owner has always been to improve sales, and promote their brand. Making sure businesses are growing across the nation, this have left our team of business analyst and developers introduce Timiun.

Timiun is a decentralize e-commerce platform that gives users options when purchasing products on its website and App. Small business owners are taken advantage of this platform to makes sales across the Nation by owning a shop-front for themselves where products are been listed for customers to buy.

Meghee is a Port Harcourt based company that provides Software/Applications as a service, our team of business analysts and developers are working hard to make sure local business owners across the country use the power of the web to grow and thrive. Our survey conducted using Google form shows a high statistic of small business owners who would love to own an online shop, a personal website, a mobile app that would support their business, and a CRM Software for staff and inventory management. Each Month, we drive over a hundred of thousands of sales through the timiun App and we power over hundreds of business websites nationwide. Providing them with a responsive website to support customer complain.

Small businesses also drive innovation. The true entrepreneurial spirit cannot survive in a business environment dominated by corporations. This is while we tend to support local businesses by introducing them to Timiun as a way to sell out what you have as a merchant, likewise we also organize seminars and conference for local business owners to educate, and training them on the process of handling or managing a good brand presence online.

All this has been possible with your collaboration in trusting us to handle your project from building you a responsive website, a chatbot, custom-tailored software, and brand identity design to organizing digital training and employee training for your organization.

Supporting the success of businesses, partners, and communities is an integral part of our overall vision of building a more helpful Meghee for everyone. To learn more about how Meghee can help your businesses you can chat up our bot.

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