The role of information technology in protecting your business both online and offline cannot be over emphasized. Why some think that being knowledgeable in this area doesn’t matter, many online businesses has lost their business to hackers because of negligence or ignorance in this area.

As a company (Meghee), we understand that it’s important that online businesses take critical steps to protect their businesses not only from hackers, but from viruses and people who might want to steal sensitive information that has the ability to bring your business down to her knees.

Though no system is full proof, the goal is to ensure that hackers do not easily hack into your system. Using these simple security strategies, you will be able to protect your online business from hackers from being easily hacked. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Ensure you change default settings and passwords in place when your computer system was installed.

This is one of the mistakes businesses make. They get a new system, install it without changing the default settings. If you run a business especially an online business and you are using the same default settings that your system came with, you are giving hackers easy access into your system.

It important that you change the password and also ensure that only authorized personnel’s are preview to it; that way you can protect it from easily being tampered with and determine who will have access to it.

Make sure you update your computer operating system

Manufacturing companies consciously update their softwares, you might need to sign up for the program that enables either a notification or automatic update. Just as your manufacturers are consciously updating your software in other to safeguard it, hackers are also on the lookout for systems that are not properly safeguarded or don’t have the current antivirus that will enable external interference.

If you run an online business, you must ensure that they put in the necessary software that block spams and detect spyware, the programs that can be surreptitiously installed from outside a computer system and feed the intruder with sensitive information.

Protect customer’s financial transactions using encryption software.

Most e-payment companies like Visa USA, MasterCard Inc., ensures that businesses take certain steps to protect their transactions using encryption software’s. They force you to take these steps in other to protect your customer’s online transaction from thieves.

Though this could be challenging for small business owners, especially when it comes to complying with these rules, Instead of ignoring these steps and staying at risk of being hacked, you can outsource it to other e-payment companies like eBay, PayPal, pay stack etc, these companies have the requirements to manage and protect your customers data while you still get your money.

Encryption is also important in other aspects like protecting your business data, financial records and other sensitive information that you wouldn’t want your competitors to have access to.

Ensure you limit access of key information to only those that needs it.

Special software’s need to be installed if you must detect unusual activities in your online business. You must ensure that you put strategies in place to monitor external access into your system.

 If your employees needs to work remotely, ensure that you take them through different processes to ensure that they are who they said they are.

Most companies are using special devices like phones that are specially designed for them and have the ability to encrypt emails and files in other to protect them from getting into the wrong hands. 

Studies has showed that irrespective of security strategies, some businesses and systems still end up be accessed by external sources due to the presence of a bug or inability to update a software, but it’s important that you protect your online business that hoping that hackers will not get to you.